8 hours Awakening Docu By Ewaranon:

"What on Earth Happened?"

NASA actors, Rothschilds History, Freemason, Zionists, Pizzagate, Adrenochrome, Nikola Tesla & Free Energy,...

01:28:08  Creation of the Rothschilds (1760)      01:36:15. Titanic/FED 

01:44:50 JFK' speech.      01:58:00. 666, Devil's Horn, Celebs

05:11:10 Nikola Tesla coil.       05:22:52 EMF's & 5G

06:35:00  If there were Giants, what about the evolution theory of Darwin? 

                  Charles Darwin his grandfather was a Freemason

06:41:00 Luciferian Freemasons           06:47:15  NewWorldOrder            06:52:30 CERN

1947, Project HighJump with Admiral Byrd 

Allied military expedition to Antartica

Conflict/battle between allies & UFO's, lost by the allies

1967, Montana: UFO deactivated Nuke Base, 10 missiles

Research: 1967 nuclear base disabled by ufo

Elon Musk about AI & Human 2.0:

Neuralink  Human 2.0 (Mark of The Beast 666):

DR. CARRIE MADEJ: Human2.0/Transhumanism/AI :

Bayer Chief Stefan OelrichIf during the World Health Summit October 2021: "If we had asked people two years ago whether they were willing to have gene or cell therapy injected, 95 percent would probably have refused.":

Social Credit System(China)/Mark of The Beast (666):

The Great Reset

2019, Redpill "Above Majestic" Exclusive Interview:

WHO: "A Vaccine on its own will not end the Covid19 Pandemic!!"

2020 Election: FRAUD  FRAUD   FRAUD!!

Climate HOAX


David Wilcock & Corey Goode


WW2 continued in 1947: Operation Highjump Antarctica - What the Russians / Soviets know about it!

USA President Ronald Reagan talking  about

"external threat!!"

United Nations on September 21, 1987 

Project HIGHJUMP 1947

 "Foo Fighters" during WW2 

= The Nazi Bell