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Humans are NOT the center of the Universe

Wandjina petroglyphs Kimberley, Australia

4000- 5000 years old

Wandjina came down from the clouds to give us knowledge and start cilivization:

Extraterrestrial contact with Native Americans "People of the stars" and worshipping them for centuries

The Zuni people are connected with ET's and received knowledge from them.

The Hopi called them Kachina's.

Oglala Lakota, Cree and the Cherokee called them "starpeople" 

The Inuilt called them "skygods"

Check out book "Black Elk, The sacred ways of Lakota" encounter with an UFO

The Inuit called them "skygods"

100.000 years nothing happened and then suddenly we started building pyramids over the world???

ET Sculls

ET sculls has 50% more volume then sculls of Homo Sapiens.

Here are the latest anatomical/ blood-type/ DNA results which I was able to find on the elongated sculls which can be found in Peru and along the coast of the black sea/ Ukraine area, further proving that other/ hybrid species of humans were living next to us thousands of years ago and that the human origin/ migration story has to be completely rewritten.

Homo Capensis

"God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie" 2 Thess 2:11

Next: Fake Alien Invasion

Israel-Palestine War:

Facts & Truth:

The Hamas "attack" on Israel was an Inside Job, just like 9/11. Israel has the most secure border in the world. If a dog approaches the fences, they have seen it. Israeli forces were withdrawn from the border and the defense system was disabled. The 400 "militants" could easily blow up the fences and drive inland and carry out attacks without resistance.

The current state of Israel was founded by the Rothschilds (1948). They financed and organized it. Why do they invest their fortune in that? Because it must serve as a future center for the world government they want to establish.

WEF: World Economic Forum :

On Yuval Noah Harari's final solutions for a world of useless people:

Yuval Noah: "We are propbaly one of the last generations of Homo Sapiens" (transhumanisme)


Joe Biden is not Joe Biden, it's a different person.

The Great Awakening Documentary Just Released. Premier June 3, 2023

Global warming is replaced by global boiling. 

So if you want to drink hot thee, just put it outside in the sun ūü§°ūü§°

Hang on! Bill Gates wants to BLOCK THE SUN!!!???

Docu (10 Episodes) : "Europa, The last battle" 

   *** History is always written by the winners***

#zionisme #jews #Rothschild #BankerWars #globalists #JewishBolshevik #WW2 #Hitler

Scroll down and click on "Watch Now":


Internal sabotage at the end of World War 1 has devastated Germany, and its new Weimar government is riddled with corrupt men plundering what is left, all while overseeing the destruction of German culture and its social order. After it all collapses, one man manages to turn it all around in just a few short years. When Germany's people begin to prosper and start to live happily, the enemy declares war and seeks to destroy the German people once and for all. The true events surrounding World War 2 that you were never taught in history class, read about in your school's history books, saw on your television, or ever stumbled upon in a social media feed. And yet, it all happened. Scrubbed from the historical record and lost... until now. And if you try to mention it to anyone, you'll be immediately silenced or thrown in prison." - Apu Apujasta

The Third Phase:

"Sound of Freedom" Docu of Mel Gibson

Freemasons/Elite's Evil Hidden Agenda: 

"Chip your kids" 

Disappointed "docu" with no link with the PedoElite

Elite "they want a hero, we'll give them a hero"  

Tim Ballard is a Freemason

Elon Musk is a Liar!

WEF puppet is the new CEO of Twitter:

Stunned Anderson Cooper Cuts To Commercial When Trump's Accuser E. Jean Carroll Calls Rape "Sexy"

Ronald Reagan knows: never trust the government (and MainStreamMedia):

#diedsuddenly #SuddenDeath #CovidVaccination

10 years of Afghanistan was less expensive than 1 year of Ukraine

TANKS for Ukraine:

US President Biden declared on Wednesday that "the United States will be sending 31 Abrams tanks to Ukraine". 

In March 2022 he compared the idea of sending 'offensive equipment' for Ukraine to WW3 

Source Twitter:

Don't you find it strange that a principal researcher at Pfizer admits that they make their own virus variants, that the video has 25 million views, and that it is NOWHERE communicated in the subsidized media? Since when is the press dead?

Dec 19, 2022 Ryan Cunningham: "I got the COVID vaccine before most could as healthcare provider and emergency manager implementing many of the policies of the "covidians". Days after I was transported to the hospital with cardiac issue. Today I'm in heart failure."

9 jan. 2023 Ryan: "I wish I was a COVID conspiracy theorist early on instead if getting vaccinated. I'm in heart failure. The conspiracy theorists are doing just fine."


Around 15,000 children in Belgium may have asthma due to gas stove pollution:

Ukraine is a safe space "No Nazi's here"

Neo-Nazi's Wikipedia before the Ukraine Propaganda
Neo-Nazi's Wikipedia before the Ukraine Propaganda
Mein Kampf Adolf Hitler
Mein Kampf Adolf Hitler

Capitol Police guiding protestators to come into the building:

Replying to @elonmusk : Video showing Capitol Police guideing protestators to come into the building because everything was a set up from the beggining. 

WEF: our dream is to reduce the world population 50% by 2023:

Fauci: "When people are vaccinated, they can feel safe that they are not going to get infected." :


Russia Announces 12 New Countries To Join BRICS Economic Alliance As US-Pushed World Order Crumbles US-backed world economic order crumbling, reports

"When the Saudis switch to Brics, it will be "Game over" for the petrodollar"

Bye Bye Rothschilds Banks :-) :-)

CANADA: Alberta Prime Minister Danielle Smith terminates agreement with World Economic Forum because she does not want to work with a group that talks about controlling governments:

! Truth !

The elite's companies are making more profit than ever before:

Trust politicians, based on Science:

It's Science... Trust the Science... Don't question Science...

Politicians: "Put your mask on!!"

3D printed meat & insects

"You will own nothing and will be happy"

"It must be True. I saw it on TV!" :

Azov Battalion unit of the National Guard are neo-nazi's, source: Wikipedia:

Sep. 2014: "The battalion's far-right (Azov) volunteers' desire to 'bring the fight to Kiev' is a danger to post-conflict stability"

Hackers and mercenaries - The future of war :

Ukra√Įne - Russia:

  • The dramatic developments we are witnessing today have causes we knew about but refused to see:

Why Russia is Invading Ukraine:

How Putin's Invasion is Changing Our World Forever:

The Khazarian Mafia & The Rothschild:

The Rothschilds, who are Nephilim Hosts, and their Khazarian mafia have gained a foothold in nations across the earth since the mid-1700s. The tentacles of the House of Rothschild reach into the monetary policy of 85% of the countries worldwide but Russia broke free from the tentacles of the Rothschilds.

Putin aggressively worked at paying off the debt to the IMF, a Rothschild controlled bank, and by 2006 Russia's debt to the IMF was paid off. Putin successfully extracted Russia from the strangle hold of the Rothschilds. For this heroic feat, Putin has been characterised as the bad guy ever since.

Volodymyr Zelensky the Ukrainian president in transvestite dance:

Volodymyr Zelenskyy 2016 Playing Piano with Penis:

Covid Lies:

"If the US President and top US virologist Dr. Fauci says it, then it must be true..."   "It's science!"

The mind-blowing vaccine lies in a row! :

1) You cannot get corona with a Covid vaccine.
2) Covid vaccines are 100% effective and you can't get sick.
3) With a Covid vaccine you only get mild symptoms.
4) You cannot end up in hospital with a Covid vaccine.
5) You cannot end up in the ICU with a Covid vaccine.
6) You can't die with a Covid vaccine.
7) You don't need a mouth mask when you take the vaccine.

Covid is not a disease of healthy people.
Covid is the flu and is especially fatal for weaker people (eg the elderly, ....).
The flu kills many every year...

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