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Russia Announces 12 New Countries To Join BRICS Economic Alliance As US-Pushed World Order Crumbles US-backed world economic order crumbling, reports

"When the Saudis switch to Brics, it will be "Game over" for the petrodollar"

Bye Bye Rothschilds Banks :-) :-)

CANADA: Alberta Prime Minister Danielle Smith terminates agreement with World Economic Forum because she does not want to work with a group that talks about controlling governments:

! Truth !

The elite's companies are making more profit than ever before:

Trust politicians, based on Science:

It's Science... Trust the Science... Don't question Science...

Politicians: "Put your mask on!!"

3D printed meat & insects

"You will own nothing and will be happy"

"It must be True. I saw it on TV!" :

Azov Battalion unit of the National Guard are neo-nazi's, source: Wikipedia:

Sep. 2014: "The battalion's far-right (Azov) volunteers' desire to 'bring the fight to Kiev' is a danger to post-conflict stability"

Hackers and mercenaries - The future of war :

Ukraïne - Russia:

  • The dramatic developments we are witnessing today have causes we knew about but refused to see:

Why Russia is Invading Ukraine:

How Putin's Invasion is Changing Our World Forever:

The Khazarian Mafia & The Rothschild:

The Rothschilds, who are Nephilim Hosts, and their Khazarian mafia have gained a foothold in nations across the earth since the mid-1700s. The tentacles of the House of Rothschild reach into the monetary policy of 85% of the countries worldwide but Russia broke free from the tentacles of the Rothschilds.

Putin aggressively worked at paying off the debt to the IMF, a Rothschild controlled bank, and by 2006 Russia's debt to the IMF was paid off. Putin successfully extracted Russia from the strangle hold of the Rothschilds. For this heroic feat, Putin has been characterised as the bad guy ever since.

Volodymyr Zelensky the Ukrainian president in transvestite dance:

Volodymyr Zelenskyy 2016 Playing Piano with Penis:

Covid Lies:

"If the US President and top US virologist Dr. Fauci says it, then it must be true..."   "It's science!"

The mind-blowing vaccine lies in a row! :

1) You cannot get corona with a Covid vaccine.
2) Covid vaccines are 100% effective and you can't get sick.
3) With a Covid vaccine you only get mild symptoms.
4) You cannot end up in hospital with a Covid vaccine.
5) You cannot end up in the ICU with a Covid vaccine.
6) You can't die with a Covid vaccine.
7) You don't need a mouth mask when you take the vaccine.

Covid is not a disease of healthy people.
Covid is the flu and is especially fatal for weaker people (eg the elderly, ....).
The flu kills many every year...

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