Social Credit System in China

  • Social Credit System is dictatorship:

  • Only the opinion of the Government is tolerated on social media etc... Another opinion are bad points. What you think is decided for you.
  • If you criticize the Social Credit System, you get bad points = You'll never find a single Chinese who criticizes the Social Credit System.

  • Surveillance State with Cameras and Tracked 24/7.

  • A low Social Credit System score indicates restrictions such as no longer having access to public transport to go to work = probably lose  work.

Social Credit System Bad Points for:

  • Criticizing the government
  • Criticizing the social credit system
  • Bad driving or traffic offenses
  • Consuming too much alcohol or junk food
  • Playing too many video games
  • Watching pornography
  • Not paying debts. ? poor people ?
  • Not paying taxes
  • Jaywalking
  • Smoking on trains
  • Not cleaning up after your dog
  • Not having your dog on a leash
  • Making frivolous purchases
  • Visiting unauthorized websites
  • .....
  • Being friends with or messaging others with low scores or those who commit the above offenses

Tencent (WeChat -  The Secret Chinese Company That Owns Everything: