If The US President, the media, experts and Top US virologist Dr. Fauci say it, then it must be true..."           "It's science!!"

The mind-blowing vaccine lies in a row! :

1) You cannot get corona with a Covid vaccine.
2) Covid vaccines are 100% effective and you can't get sick.
3) With a Covid vaccine you only get mild symptoms.
4) You cannot end up in hospital with a Covid vaccine.
5) You cannot end up in the ICU with a Covid vaccine.
6) You can't die with a Covid vaccine.
7) You don't need a mouth mask when you take the vaccine.

8) (almost) No transmission

It's Science... Trust the Science... Don't question Science...

Bayer Chief Stefan OelrichIf during the World Health Summit October 2021: "If we had asked people two years ago whether they were willing to have gene or cell therapy injected, 95 percent would probably have refused.".  mRNA is still experimental.

Covid will stay here for years and years:

WHO (World Health Organization): "A Vaccine on its own will not end the Covid19 Pandemic!!"