Creepy PEDO Joe Biden

Leaked video from Hunter Biden's laptop: Pedo Joe:

A well suppressed photo, Joe Biden in his 30's and Dr. Jill at 15. Before the death of Joe's first wife... his friendly acquaintance with this future Doctor was already well established as Jill was the Biden family babysitter. Doctor Jill Biden, is now our reigning First Lady:


Joe Biden: I Tried to 'Prostitute Myself' to Big Donors

Joe Biden Hairy legs

Joe Biden = Zionist

"You know...the rapidly raisin'... with...with...eehh..I don't know.....eehh....ehh..eeehh..." :

Joe Biden , the guy who shook Chuck Schumer's hand and forgot it seconds later...

Was it a nice meeting with Joe Biden?? LMAO