Depopulation Plan Agenda21/2030:

The Freemasons' plan to kill the elderly, weak, useless and stupid people:

Jacques Attali is a Jewish Satanic Freemason. Here is a stunning statement written in 1980. Terrifyingly prophetic. It is from a book by Jacques Attali, The Future of Life. Attali was an advisor to French Socialist President Mitterand. Judge for yourselves what the elites have been planning for years! Jacques Attali is a member of the Masonic Bilderberg Club.

Google Translated:

"The weak and fearful will perishThe stupid will believe it and ask to be treated."  "Jaque Atalli was an advisor to Francois Mitterrand, a former president of France. He wrote in 1981:"

"In the future it will therefore be a question of finding a method to reduce the world population". "We will start with the elderly.."

"Because as soon as a person is over 60-65 years old, he lives longer than he produces and that costs society dearly." "Then the weak and the useless, who have nothing to do with society because there are more and more of them." "And finally the stupid ones."

"Euthanasia focuses on these groups."      "Euthanasia must be an essential tool for our future communities."  "Of course we cannot be able to execute the people or set up concentration camps." "We'll get rid of them by making them believe it's for their own good."

"A population that is too large and largely unnecessary is economically too expensive."   "We will not be able to administer intelligence tests to all those millions of people."           "We will find or cause something. A pandemic, targeting certain people, a real economic crisis."     "A virus that will infect the old or the elderly. That is not important."

"The weak and fearful will perish. The stupid will believe it and ask to be treated."         "We will have made sure that the treatment is planned. A treatment that will be the solution."      "That selection of idiots will run by itself."

Georgia Guidestones:

Bill Gates & Vaccins:

Of Course they say Vaccines are 100% Safe = more $$$

VP of USA "reduce population"

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