13 Satanic Bloodlines:


Do you believe in the existence of the devil? Or do you think the devil is just a product of superstition and human fantasy? Is there really a personified evil spirit who calls himself 'Satan'? If you don't believe in the existence of the devil, then it may surprise you that the thirteen most powerful families in this world do. The members of these exclusive family dynasties, also called the 13 Satanic Bloodlines, are among the leading Satanists of our world. They regard the devil as their only and true 'God'. The basis of this Satanic religion from the beginning of this world to the present day has been the belief that Satan will one day rule the world openly. Until we understand this dogma, we will never see why Satan's followers are trying to move all mankind into an anti-Christian World Order

As long as our power elite consider the devil their god and believe that Satan's ultimate goal is to establish a dictatorial world power, everyone on Earth will be affected daily. This planned satanic world dictatorship is the realm of the Biblically foretold reign of the Antichrist.

The members of the 13 satanic bloodlines are the trailblazers of the Antichrist. They are experts in Satanism and are expanding their power through occult practices and diabolical rituals to eventually get the whole world in a diabolical grip. With the help of networks, money and violence, this elite power elite has managed to penetrate all structures of power with cunning and deceit in order to manipulate world history from there.

In the course of time Satan has stretched his net over all the earth and his trapping arms reach into every realm of human existence. His diabolical practices affect each of us. Satan has built an immense organization in which mankind is successfully manipulated and prepared for his imminent world domination. (Social Credit System??)

Satan's power can be found in all areas of human existence in which influence can be exercised. Religion, politics, education, the financial world, the mass media, yes even science cannot escape the power of Evil! The rulers of this world exercise their authority through deliberately designed power and command structures. Every day they pass on their orders to different groups and people, such as politicians for example

For many decades, watchful Christians have been warning us of the emergence of a global slave state, in which the adversary of God will wear the ruler's crown. What many of us initially dismissed as invention and superstition, however, is increasingly taking shape before our eyes. Everything the Bible has said about the end times is fulfilling all around us. We see the world and society as we have always known it crumbling around us at a rapid pace.

The first edition of this book was banned in France. This four-volume book is different from other books on the topic. It was written long before others started championing the need for the masses to wake up to the New World Order agenda.

The contents of this book is highly controversial and uncompromising. It describes a monster that we, in all our ignorance, have created together. It also serves to give us an idea of what's in store for the near future, so we can better prepare for what's coming our way.

We are raised, by tradition, to trust our governments, and are convinced that they care about us. This, however, is a big mistake. Below the surface of official politics lies a complicated social and intellectual process that is taking place.

The visible world leaders are mere puppets directed by an invisible power from behind the scenes. The true aim of this elite group is complete control of Planet Earth. Together with the most powerful multinationals, they rule and control most countries and coalitions.

Although political leaders on the world stage play opposite roles, behind the scenes they pursue the same goal: a "technocratic world dictatorship".

1st book: The Legacy of the 13 Satanic Bloodlines: