Menstrual problems after 

Covid Vaccine:

1) Call for investigation of menstrual changes after Covid jabs

The UK's regulator has received more than 30,000 reports of period problems.

Other vaccines, such as HPV or human papillomavirus, have also been linked to similar menstrual changes

2) National Side Effects Center Lareb of The Netherlands, has so far received nearly 10,000 reports of menstrual disorders after corona vaccination. The reported complaints are very diverse. Lareb is currently working on a closer look at and mapping the reports. 

It concerns the absence of menstruation, heavy menstruation and breakthrough                      bleeding. But also the occurrence of bleeding after the menopause.   

3) Menstruation is different after vaccine: 'I've never had such a heavy period, until now'.

After a call to readers of this site, it appears that many women have a different type of menstrual period than they were used to before the vaccination.

"Now I have had two vaccinations and since then it has been very intense. It's not well worded, but it just flows out. I'm not used to that myself. It feels very crazy. My sister-in-law also suffers from it. He has had his period for months in a row since the vaccination."

4) My mother's nurse already had menstrual problems but after the vaccine it got worse. 

Now she is on medication to shut everything down. If that doesn't help, get the uterus out, at home for 6 weeks. 

She already has children but when you are young and you want children... Dramatic!!