Covid19 Vaccin   ontwaakt  (genezen) kanker: 

  • I interviewed Professor Dr. Dana Flavin on my Sunday Show. She has seen exactly the same thing too. A sudden spurt in cancer aggression following nothing other than a vaccine shot. Then last week, Doctor Mercola interviewed a head nurse in an American cancer ward and she reported exactly the same finding.
  • Suddenly, some people with cancer who are vaccinated are developing aggressive cancer - it seems that the vaccine is waking it up. Are the observations scientific evidence? No. But nothing is remotely scientific for people with cancer when it comes to Covid and vaccines; there's no reliable research.
  • My first was a patient with Colorectal cancer. All clear for 4 years; now his cancer is suddenly everywhere, uniquely in his lymph nodes. This happened twice more in less than 10 days.
  • Then I had another man, whose cancer had been controlled but suddenly it became aggressive for no apparent reason. "You didn't by any chance have the Covid vaccine, did you?" "Yes, the oncologist insisted upon it".