Why are there Star Children on Earth?

Star children incarnate in groups during spiritual transition periods and most people will agree that this is a time of great change. 

They are here to be helpful during the dawn of the Golden Age of Spirituality in the New Millennium. 

Many people withdraw from a world that is dominated by material possessiveness, external pleasure that is never lasting, and they begin to turn inward to experience true peace and pure satisfaction. 

We are actually becoming more spiritual.

What mission does the  Star Children currently have on Earth?

The Star Children have the task to continuously help with this transition period of the earth, in which humanity and the earth itself become less physical and more spiritual. 

They bring the gifts of wisdom, harmony and balance to the earth. 

Star children have chosen to be here as "Emissaries of the Light" to indicate the way back to the Light.

Where do Star Children come from?

A group of Star Child messengers comes directly from another star or planet.

Star children seem to have their origins in dimensions of greater sensitivity and finer vibrations than are found here on Earth. At these .stars or vibrational levels where they come from, everyone interacts well. To be peace and harmony. always present. Some say they are from the PleiƤden, while others talk about distant green or blue stars.

History of Star Children

The history of the Star People goes back centuries. 

There are many well-known legends in Central and South America about Star Beings who descended from the heavens to help humanity. 

You only have to look at old drawings to see "extraterrestrial" creatures. It appears that Star children / adults are always present on earth - these sacred beings who bring a higher spiritual knowledge - to the earth plane. 

I believe that we have only now reached a level of consciousness far enough advanced to recognize this phenomenon that has existed from the beginning of humanity.