Revelation 8:1 Trumpet :           1/3 of the sea will turn into blood

26-2-2018: This river in Lebanon turned red and people are freaking out

28-07-2018: Chinese residents are shocked to see their local waterway has turned RED

28-05-2018: River turns mysteriously blood red overnight in Tigre near Buenos Aires, Argentina

12-05-2018: River mysteriously turns red in St. Petersburg, Russia

Russia: LOCALS have told of their fear that "judgement day" was arriving after the waters of a river turned blood red overnight. The incident occurred in the Tesha river in the village of Krasnoe in western Russia's Nizhny Novgorod region.

August 2018: The state of Florida is at war with a toxic RED tide, it's killing marine life . At least seven counties in Florida are under a state of emergency.