Holocaust or Holohoax?         Question Everything!

  • Why were the holes in the ceiling of the gas chamber made after the war?  This is what the supervisor of Auschwitz says. Scroll down, 1st Docu @00:21:20
  • Where are the blue poison gas trails?  Forensics with 48 samples! Nothing found. Scroll down, 2st Docu @ 00:50:30
  • An expert was sent to investigate the gas chamber. He came with a negative report because, among other things, there were no blue traces (from the poison gas) on the walls. Because the expert came with a negative report, he was given a 40-month suspended prison sentence in Germany.
  • The Germans did not have the facilities to cremate so many people: How could they cremate millions of people with 52 ovens (in 2 years' time) while this was mathematically not possible. Even if they cremated 24/7. 
  • 1 million survivors in the year 2000 ? How many survivors were there in 1945?!?
  • Critical questions or critical thinking is forbidden when it comes to the Holocaust.

Zyklon B werd gebruikt tegen karkarlakken en luizen...Die ster werd gebruikt om mensen te markeren zoals ze met die QR code gedaan hebben. 

Auschwitz Investigation by a born Jew:

  • 17:25 Show the 4 holes in the ceiling of the gas chamber
  • 21:20: Again the question to SuperVisor about the 4 holes in the gas chamber. Answer: "not original, rebuild, after the war" !!!

David Irving Docu:

  • 50:30 There were no blue traces of poison gas in the walls. Forensics with 48 samples.
  • 47:40 Holocaust is big money: USA donates between 3 & 4 Trillion Dollars to Israel because we are "guilty" of the Holocaust. Germany pays just under $1 trillion every year in repair costs to Israel.

Spielberg's hoax - the last days of the big lie

Holocaust Hoax Documentary 2013 (Raw Footage)

6 millions Jews died? That's incorrect!! It was symbolic


1/3 of the Holocaust Hoax: Irrational Eyewitness Statements III

5 Facts Refuting the Holocaust:

 1) 01:00   "Not one case of death by Poison Gas was found!" Dr. John E Godron MP.P.h.D Harvard professor Most death by starvation or Typhus.

2) 02:45  The number "6 million Jews" can be found earlier in the press everywhere. 

3) 02:55 !03:15  The chimney was added later and not connected to the Gas chamber.                  The Gas chamber can't function. !

4) 04:05. The holes to have channeled gas into the chamber were also added after the war. 

5) Gas chamber door was to weak to stop the hysterical Jews.

Holocaust Unveiled from Australia:

23:30 1 million survivors in the year 2000 ? How many survivors were there?!?

34:55 The elevator that could only carry 300 kg. Transporting 2000 people by elevator?? 

Holocaust Demolished in Five Minutes by Gas Chamber Expert:

How gas chambers work