David Icke:

David Icke talks in 1998 about a microchip population:

BANNED in 26 European Countries


This man is just a philosopher, who often gives his heavily substantiated vision about how the world works.. Why is that not allowed? 

Though he's talking about reptilians up there at the top. One believes in the Devil, the other in angels and that someone has walked on water. The other believes we were monkeys and another believes nothing at all! So what? They're just scared of the whole introduction he explains before he ever talks about reptiles.. 

And let's face it, governments worldwide have been acting so sneeky and false for years like reptiles... The reptilian theory is its final conclusion!. But the whole power game and financial game that is going on right now the best man predicted back in the 90s!! A few years ago they bought a ticket to hear this man speak, and now he is dangerous?

The Life Story of David Icke (FULL MOVIE):