BRICS is going to expand!

When the Saudis switch to BRICS, it will be "Game over" for the petrodollar

Bye Bye Rothschilds Banks :-)

Date: Nov 10, 2022:

Russia Announces 12 New Countries To Join BRICS Economic Alliance As US-Pushed World Order Crumbles US-backed world economic order crumbling, reports

 "Interest in this global association is very, very high and continues to grow. It's not just Algeria, Argentina and Iran. In fact, there are more than a dozen such countries," Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said at a news conference in Moscow on Tuesday

BRICS currently consists of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, but they want to expand their power at a time when the US empire is reeling, Europe is in a massive recession and the world is in deep turmoil

BRICS is emerging as a more stable solution for countries that do not want to accept decline and decline as the norm. "As the applications are already officially submitted, we naturally expect that the elaboration of the criteria and principles for the admission of new members to BRICS will not take too long," said Lavrov. 

The BRICS countries are achieving impressive economic results as a result of their alliance. According to current forecasts, the trade volume between India and Russia will reach USD 30 billion in the near future. Lavrov appeared at the press conference along with Indian Foreign Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar. "We discussed the situation that is currently developing around the attempts of our Western colleagues, under the pretext of the Ukrainian events, to strengthen their dominant role in world affairs and not allow the democratization of international relations," Lavrov said of his meeting with Jaishankar. 

It's over: Russia's Nord Stream gas supply to EU completely shut down We previously reported how major economic powers like Saudi Arabia are considering joining the BRICS economic alliance: 

"Saudi Arabia is considering joining the BRICS coalition, made up of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, as they turn away from Western globalist powers. 

China and Russia are trying to court Saudi Arabia and possibly Iran to increase their power. The Saudis have become alienated from the West, especially after Biden assumed the US presidency and purposely alienated them. 

BRICS is working with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) to undermine the globalist world order pushed by corrupt western powers. 

"The BRICS and the SCO share one important ideological trait: they are both multipolar, and their summits have sometimes even been held back to back," Matthew Neapole, who works as an international affairs specialist for Canada's Macdonald-Laurier Institute, told Newsweek . 

"China's invitation to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to join the 'BRICS' confirms that the Kingdom plays an important role in building the new world and has become an important and essential player in the global trade and economy, Mohammed al-Hamed, chairman of Riyadh's Saudi Elite group, told Newsweek. "Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 is moving forward in all areas and sectors at a confident and global pace." In addition, BRICS floated the idea of ​​returning to a gold standard in hopes of stabilizing world currencies, which have been ravaged by inflation following mismanagement by central banks." 

The Americans realize all too well that the BRICS will mean the end of their (petro) dollar. Now they will have to buy Rubles or Yuan themselves to buy their oil and natural gas. That means it will be done with printing Dollars from scratch for free. All the countries that wanted to sell their oil in a currency other than the dollar were bluntly destroyed (Libya, Iraq, Venzuela, ...). When the Saudis switch to Brics, it will be "Game over" for the petrodollar. 

Saudi Arabia Considers Joining 'BRICS' Coalition as They Mull Return to Gold Standard: