#OperationHotMusket : Marines 72 hours deployment for 60.000 arrests within USA


There has been no specific press release to the public, but the operation has proven to be real. Many enlisted men from across the Country have been receiving temporary (12 Months or Less) transfers, mostly to Texas. Everyone is assuming this has to do with the caravans of illegal aliens headed this way from several Central American Countries. What is strange about this is they are calling up all forces including the Air Force and Marines. The Army or really Army Reserve would usually handle something of this nature as the actual armed forced are prevented from operating inside the United States unless needed at times of War

Hot Musket's degree of subterfuge is unparalleled in military history. Soldiers have been sworn to secrecy. Their cell phones have been confiscated-or had the SIM cards removed-and they've been threatened under Article 90 of the UCMJ to avoid all contact with non-military friends and family for the duration of Hot Musket deployment.