Since Jan. 20, 2016, we’ve again 9 planets (In 2006, Pluto disappeared). The name is Nibiru or Planet X (is Sumerian for 12th Planet)


he US government had urged NASA that it was required that they deny the existence of Nibiru in order to not cause widespread panic throughout the world.

Nibiru is a Mini Solar System: carries along with it seven planets orbiting around each other;

Nibiru is 6500 times larger than the earth!

With the gigantic size, it has very strong gravitational pull and it influences our oceans and all magnetic fields

Because of the magnetic and gravitational intensity of Nibiru, it influenced the Sun in a way that it initiated the reversal of its magnetic poles (Sun Poles switch every 11 year).

If it pass close enough to Earth, it influent our oceans, eventually leading to devastating tsunamis, a new awaking of volcanoes around the world and influenced definitively the climate and the earth's axis which slowly moves, thus altering the position of the physical and magnetic poles.