Interim Report of $25 Million Cell Phone Radiation study:  Boosts Cancer Rates in Animals; Brain Tumors  "these results should be released ASAP to the public!


September 2017 Orebo Sweden

Over 180 scientists and doctors from 35 countries demanding increase 5G Expansion concer health effects.

April 2018: the international society of doctors for the environment: We believe it should be unethical to ignore the available evidence

2016 Interim Report NTP: Cell Phone Radiation Boosts Cancer Rates in Animals; Brain Tumors. 

In 2018: "using a cell phone is not a high-risk situation"


                                      LOW RISK 

                           not dangerous 

                       short period of time


longer period of time: 

Major health issues

Nuclear Radiation Information



Cell phone is not a High-risk?

Yes, correct. 
Because you're not death within 30 days :-).

Cell phone is a low risk ?

Yes correct they are a low risk

not death within 30 days or in 10 years 

and not dangerous?

They're dangerous and can give you medical issue's

After 10 years in constantly 4G/Wifi radiation (24/7 - 365 days) 

For no reason a negative emotional state, headache, stress, sleepless nights,  depression,...

No (almost as Nihil) medical issue's here: