Is our negative Magnetic FIELD, weakening Earth's Magnetic field and causing the pole's flip?

More Middle Class 

= more  Ambition = more Jealousy = More Negative Energy 

=> weakening Earth Magnetic Field

=> Switch of Earth's poles
I-WANT  generation
I-WANT generation

January 2018  : 24 years  old girl:

"If my mom would die soon... I can by that bigger house of 400.000$"

Everything I do, I do it for the money, not out of Love.

We-culture changed in a i-culture

New generation of 21ste century are becoming the I-WANT... Generation.

The new generation has no connection anymore with the values in real life with real people. 

This is autistic-thinking, the new cancer of 21st century.     INSENSITIVE    empathless 

Autistic people don't have a developed Prefrontral Cortex

Facebook life = Fake Life

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