North Pole becoming South Pole can happen in a lifetime or not (>100years)...

You can see a stark contrast in Feb 2013, when the number of earthquakes worldwide triple. Except for one Month since, then every month has been at the same high values.

For a yearly total over this time frame other than 2013 & 2014 - the Highest number in a year was 2008 with a total for that year at 31,520, in contrast 2013 had 88,925 and 2014 had 104,509

The entire earthquake numbers for the 18 years I have collected is 500,411, which makes 2014 1/5th the whole number all by itself."

Worldwide volcanic activity on the rise last 1600 years ago.jpg
Worldwide volcanic activity on the rise last 1600 years ago.jpg

extinction for the Neanderthaler, 41.000 years ago, during last Earth Magnetic field switch/flip

Since April 2018

Vulcano Activity Yellowstone

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Every year more tornado's!!    

Global warming is fake news!!     Earth's Pole Flip is REAL

June 2018:

Yellowstone National Park || Signs Eruption of Super Volcano, Could Erupt Sooner Than Expected

Volcano Eruptions:

Hawai Kilauea 

May 3, 2018

Daily update YouTube channel:

Indonesia's Merapi  

June 1, 2018

01:20 UTC (08:20 local time) 

Guatemala -  

The Fuego 

June 3, 2018

 8:15 am (local time) 


Sun Pole's are switching all the time:                                every 12 years. 

Earth Pole's switching not all the time:            every 300.000 - 800.000 years!

With a weaken Earth ElectroMagnetic field and

 the Sun sending more UV radiation:


Why is Antartica no-fly zone for commercial airlines since decades?

14-10-2017: A massive mysterious hole has just opened up in antartica and experts can explain it

Widespread extinction after Earth's hyperactive magnetic field reversals. 550 million years ago 

China introduced slavery again in Africa to mine the resources and sell it to USA

Nibiru close to Earth  will interfear Earth's gravitiy what will bring more activity in vulcano's.